About Us

Unmatched Industry Expertise

Our experience is second to none - our software is fresh but its roots go back to 1989 when our principals first began designing and developing intelligent software for the wholesale wireless industry. Growing up in the industry Qualution has achieved an enviable track record for introducing new concepts and creating innovative services; our size-defying solution rivals or bests anything in the industry.

We understand what it takes for a MVNO to be successful; we enable true differentiation, minimize operational costs, and are affordable.

What We Evangelize

  • Expensive infrastructure is a MVNO's Achilles's Heel
  • The need for defensible differentiation mandates a flexible back-office that supports highly customized solutions
  • Because users today have so many choices, providing a great user experience is critical to a MVNO's sustainability
  • the right expertise, products and services can dramatically lower the costs and minimize the risks of launching and managing a MVNO